Price is what you pay and value is what you get. – WARREN BUFFETT, attributed, Warren Buffett Wealth

Value is key. It’s what customers look for in a business relationship and it’s what keeps them coming back. You need to satisfactorily answer their question of “What am I getting for my money?”, or they are not coming back. Delivering value is what makes a company ultimately successful.

Many factors contribute to how a company offers value to its customers, but an obvious one is the quality of work. Without that, it will be difficult to develop long-lasting business relationships.

Ralph E. Jones, Inc. President Beth Peiffer agrees. “The truth is, a fairly priced job that lasts for a long time is better than cheap work that needs to be redone year after year. Customers who pay attention to lifetime costs to maintain their facilities understand our value proposition.”

“We take prep work seriously,” continues Peiffer. “Our crews take the time to do the critical prep that is not always visible because we know it is a key to a job that lasts. For us, that’s the first step to offer quality and value our customers.”