Good painting contractors coat surfaces.

Great painting contractors deliver value that far outlives the paint.

So what does that mean?

When you work with Ralph E. Jones Inc., you get:

Quality, long-lasting work

Imagine getting your paint job done right the first time. That’s how we operate. Our team takes the time to prep the area so that our work lasts longer.

Less risk on the jobsite

Our crews focus on safety first at every job. A safety-conscious staff means a reduced likelihood of accidents and the knowledge to mitigate potentially risky situations, especially focusing on employee safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Help from a trusted, reliable partner

Cultivating long-term relationships is important to us. That’s why for over 90 years, we’ve kept the same commitment to helping our customers get to where they want to be.
So… where do you want to go?

Who Are Our Customers?


Contractors know that our estimators will provide fast and accurate pricing and that our crews will work safely to get the job done right–on time.

Property / Facility Managers

We to make it easy for property managers to focus on doing what they do best. We do our job and relieve the headaches often associated with construction projects.

Property Owners

Owners know that Ralph E Jones, Inc. will always provide the best long term and short term value by selecting the right products and delivering great craftsmanship.


People who operate factories, warehouses and critical infrastructure like sewage treatment plants depend on us to properly maintain the facilities, especially when that work has to be done while operations continue.

Here’s what those customers say about us…

“AFSCME needs contractors who can be quickly integrated into our facilities with the least amount of disruption to our employees. We also demand high quality work at a competitive price. Ralph E. Jones has proven they can meet our needs.”

Kevin A. Doeing


“Another perfect paint job at my home! Matt and his team easily and quickly completed the painting of our porch. They were very attentive to details, neat and clean, responsive, friendly, and professional. Thank you!”

Kathy Hooker


“…Wanted to take this time to say thank you for your support over the years on all the projects we’ve done together. Ralph E Jones has been a valuable asset. Thank you.”

Howard Peters

Lobar Associates

“It seems that all to often we get “caught up” in the pace of our business and fail to recognize the accomplishments and efforts of those people and companies who contribute to our own success. But every so often, something comes along which tests our skills, demands great effort, and challenges our tolerances to go beyond what is usually expected. These things cannot be unrecognized.

The Cowles Magazine job illustrated just such an accomplishment. Norwood asked (and demanded at times) that you and your field people do some extra-ordinary and seemingly impossible things to get this job done when it had to be done. Although the odds were against us much of the time, you accepted the challenge, and you took the filed like an underdog destined for the Super Bowl.

On behalf of Rick Bouchette, Jeff Sterner, and myself, I want to congratulate you and your people for a job well done. We also want to thank you for your cooperation and teamwork throughout the entire project. We recognize your hard work and realize that our success could not have been achieved without it.”

Kevin J. Bergmaier

Project Manager, Norwood Industrial Construction Company, Inc

“Thanks for a great job! Your two men did excellent work and I constantly refer your company to anyone else looking for painters!”
E. Dougherty

So what do you want to do next?

We Are Hiring!

We offer an extensive package of benefits including:

✓ Fully paid health insurance for self and family
✓ Pension plans and annuity
✓ Get paid to learn a professional skill
✓ Incentive program (refer-a-friend, etc.)
✓ EAP, a free service to support our employee’s lives
✓ Get involved in your local community!

$250 Sign-On bonus (after your first 500 hours)

Send us your basic information and we’ll start a conversation.