Ralph E. Jones, Inc


Here’s what those customers say about us…

“AFSCME needs contractors who can be quickly integrated into our facilities with the least amount of disruption to our employees. We also demand high quality work at a competitive price. Ralph E. Jones has proven they can meet our needs.”

Kevin A. Doeing


“Thanks for a great job! Your two men did excellent work and I constantly refer your company to anyone else looking for painters!”

E. Dougherty

"In working with REJ for over 30 years I rank them as the best painting contractor in central PA and one of the best overall subcontractors we work with. Thank You for all you do in helping LA be successful!!"

Lee Eichelberger,

Lobar Associates


On Behalf of the Harrisburg Area YMCA, I would like to express our sincere gratitude to Ralph E. Jones, Inc. for your organization's generous donation of professional painting services.

Having recently moved to our new Association Offices to 805 North Front Street in Harrisburg, we have had to take care of a variety of pressing interior and exterior improvements this year. With winter fast approaching, we have been concerned that we might not be able to address all of our exterior improvement priorities within our current budget. Your company's generous offer to provide preparation, primin and finish painting of our exterior railings and select door/door framing, and windows, as a community service project of Ralph E. Jones, Inc. has been very much appreciated. I understand that the value of labor and materials associated with teh complimentary work provided by Ralph E. Jones, Inc. was $1,920.00.

Again, thank you adopting our organization as a community service project of Ralph E. Jones, Inc. and for supporting the work of the Harrisburg Area YMCA."

Richard A. Curl

President, Harrisburg Area YMCA

My family and I are thrilled with the results that Ralph E. Jones delivered in repairing and painting our home-- inside and out!

When drawing up the estimate and scope of work, I very much appreciated Bill Flowers' insight into what improvements would be valuable to the property. He managed my expectations regarding the cost vs. longevity of an epoxy floor in my damp basement. Bill and the team gave expert advice regarding colors, sheen and type of paint for the various areas of my home.

When we purchased the home 12 years ago, it was sold to us "move in ready." --which meant that everything had been painted in neutral colors. In addition to repairing some wear and tear, I was excited to add a little bit of personality with some splashes of color. The team at Ralph E. Jones did a great job of repairing and patching the drywall, water damage, other blemishes.

The crew was respectful of our space and our property, which was especially important since we were living in the home while they worked. We were able to schedule the work so that the crew arrived as my family was leaving for the day, and they had everything cleaned up every day before we got home. They had a designated area in our garage to store their supplies, so there was minimal disruption to our daily routine.

As a female homeowner, what I appreciated most about working with the team at Ralph E. Jones was that they always respected that I was the customer, even after meeting my husband. Other home improvement companies tend to default to my husband for questions and concerns, even when I'm the point of contact and have requested the estimates and invoices. Bill was happy to walk me through every part of the process, and he stayed in contact via email, text, phone and face-to-face.

We had a great experience, and we happily recommend the team at Ralph E. Jones to our friends and neighbors.

Addeline Alaniz Edwards

Dear Dennis:

Thank you for the fine craftsmanship and service you have demonstrated on the Lancaster County Courthouse Project.

We appreciate working with qualified subcontractors and material suppliers; the whole project seems to run more smoothly.

We thank you for your diligent work and look forward to working with you on future projects. It goes without saying that the general contractor is only as good as the subcontractors and material suppliers who are responsible for so much of the work.

Best wishes.

Kevin M. Snoke

Vice President, Wohlsen Construction Company

Dear Dennis:

You may be aware that Wohlsen Construction Company has been awarded first place in the Special Projects category of the Associated Builders and Contractors Awards of Excellence competition for the Lancaster County Courthouse Project.

Your hard work on the job ultimately contributed to the success of this award winning project.

Barry and I want to thank you for your sincere dedication and hard work on the construction team. We look forward to working with your firm on future projects. Best wishes.

Kevin M. Snoke & Barry L. Garman, PE

Wohlsen Construction Company

Dear Mr. Williamson,

I am writing this letter in reference to Ralph E. Jones, Inc. and the work they have done at the Hamilton Health Project in Harrisburg, PA and several other projects for Wohlsen Construction.

They have provided work including the following: pressure washing of exterior concrete masonry units, patch block filler on unfilled block, prime painting on block surfaces, interior painting and other functions involved with their business.

They have always been very professional and finished every project on time.

I would recommend Ralph E. Jones, Inc. for working on any project.

Debbie L. Petrilla

Wohlsen Construction

Dear Denny:

It seems that all to often we get "caught up" in the pace of our business and fail to recognize the accomplishments and efforts of those people and companies who contribute to our own success. But every so often, something comes along which tests our skills, demands great effort, and challenges our tolerances to go beyond what is usually expected. These things cannot be unrecognized.

The Cowles Magazine job illustrated just such an accomplishment. Norwood asked (and demanded at times) that you and your field people do some extra-ordinary and seemingly impossible things to get this job done when it had to be done. Although the odds were against us much of the time, you accepted the challenge, and you took the filed like an underdog destined for the Super Bowl.

On behalf of Rick Bouchette, Jeff Sterner, and myself, I want to congratulate you and your people for a job well done. We also want to thank you for your cooperation and teamwork throughout the entire project. We recognize your hard work and realize that our success could not have been achieved without it.

Kevin J. Bergmaier

Project Manager

Dear Beth,

All of us here at Lobar Associates wanted to let you know how much we appreciate working with such a top-notch firm as Ralph E. Jones.

Lobar Associates has always had a strong relationship with Ralph E. Jones. We have decades of shared project experience, so we are more than confident to recommend you to any client. From our estimating staff to our field superintendents - your company's dependability, quality of craftsmanship and level of professionalism have always made Ralph E. Jones a "top choice". 

Your responsiveness to scheduling needs is very evident with our partnership on the Rite Aid renovation program. Your crews always rise to the challenge of all the compressed schedules, out-of-town and night work required to meet the client's needs.

Also, both Lobar and our client were impressed with your crews on the Cigars International project in Hamburg. The diverse scope of work - from staining thousands of large wood decking boards and timbers to custom faux painting - was met with your usual hight standards of performance on this complex project.

Finally, your company went above and beyond expectations on the flood remediation at Pinnacle Health System's Southgate building. Your willingness to send such a large crew (12-14 men) to work all hours of the day and night was essential to help Lobar restore the facility to full functionality within 30 days. We couldn't have done it without your firm's dedication and hard work.

Lobar Associates looks forward to our continued teamwork on future projects and highly recommends Ralph E. Jones as an excellent commercial painiting contractor - one of the best in the business.

Alan Witmer

Project Manager

Denny, wanted to take this time to say thank you for your support over the years on all the projects we've done together. Ralph E Jones has been a valuable asset. Thank you.

Howard Peters

Lobar Associates

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your assistance and cooperation in bringing the Mercy Regional Health System, Geropsyche Renovations to a satisfactory conclusion under both a demanding and difficult schedule. Mercy Regional Health System and their staff also have expressed their gratitude for our efforts.

Please accept my heartfelt "Thank You".

Ralph J. Albarano, Jr.

“Just wanted to take a moment to thank the contractors that have followed me and these projects around the country over the last few years. Your company has my deepest respect and admiration. Thank you for sticking in there with me. Please thank all your men for the sacrifices they have made over the years for me. Much appreciated.”

Large Retail Property Manager in Central PA

Reference: Outstanding Performance: West York High School and South Middleton Middle School

Dear Denny:

Steve Johnson reports that Bob Bowers and your field crews have provided us with outstanding service on the above referenced projects. The schedules on these projects were next to impossible, but your men worked together with us to make it possible for school to open on schedule.

Thank you from all of us at Lobar, Inc. for working together with us. We will remember this service the next time you are not the low bidder and the bids are close.

L. Richard Eichelberger, Jr.


Reference: Letter of Appreciation; Hersheypark - Midway America

Dear Karl:

This letter is to express LOBAR ASSOCIATES appreciation for your company's cooperation and hard work at the above referenced project. This project had a lot of work to do and not much time to do it. We appreciate your firm's commitment to getting materials and manpower to the jobsite when needed to keep this project on schedule. Thank you!

We hope to do more work with your company in the future.

Rodney W. Crawford