What has AkzoNobel chosen as 2020 color of the year?

AkzoNobel released it’s choice for their 2020 Color of the Year. It’s a delightful shade of light green, blue, and grey. Very earthy! Read more: https://www.paintsquare.com/news/?fuseaction=view&id=21569&nl_versionid=5420#.XXptSdd72M8.email

Going back to your roots: Dyes created from plant waste could be an environmental help

A graduate student from London just created a system that transforms plant waste into dyes for future use in paint and other products. “Historically color came from plants and minerals, but with the onset of industrialization, cheap petrochemical colors became the norm, at huge environmental cost,” student Nicole Stjernswärd commented. Learn how her process works […]

Man-made recycled plastic may hold the key to a whiter white

“In the natural world, whiteness is usually created by a foamy, Swiss cheese-like structure made of a solid interconnected network and air” As explained by Andrew Parnell (University of Sheffield’s Department of Physics and Astronomy), light does amazing things in nature, but is hard to replicate.  Researchers have found a way to structure plastic waste […]

Paint to protect our furry friends on hot summer days

We love doggos! But we know summer can be a rough time for pets. It’s hot and humid which means dehydration can be a real issue. And if you’re a dog-walker, you may feel incredibly sympathetic for your pet when you’re out for a stroll. Hot weather means hot payment and a potentially painful experience. […]