Check it out! PPG announces the 2020 Color of the Year

Drumroll please… Chinese Porcelain is PPG’s Color of the Year! While it sounds similar to white, it is actually very close to a blue-tinted teal. To read the full article, click here:

Rescheduled IFMA meeting for July 17: Pest Services and How Canines Can Help

Mark your calendar for Wednesday July 17, 2019. This meeting has been rescheduled from February. Program Summary: Western Pest Services’ canine program follows a highly regimented system to ensure that their canine teams are effective. The training program is coordinated by an outside consultant, Joe Nicholas, aka “Joe Nicks,” who is a 36 year veteran […]

In development: Fire-retardant coating

Finnish researchers at VTT Technical Researcher Center announced their new fire-retardant coating for wood-based materials. VTT claims “Combining HefCel nanocellulose with organic pigments forms a spray- or brush-applied, airtight film that prevents the access of oxygen through the coating and at the same time significantly inhibits combustion.” For more details, see the full article here: […]

New reflective coating developed: “The Coolest White”

A highly reflective white paint was developed by UNStudio and Monopol Colors studios. This coating reduces the amount of heat absorbed on buildings and helps reduce the overall impact of heat on cities. To read more about “The Coolest White”, check out the full article here: