The Values that Guide Us: Life/Balance

We’ve all heard the saying… “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” We take that to heart at Ralph E. Jones, Inc. Without engaging in activities that you enjoy, life becomes dull and colorless… two adjectives that should definitely NOT describe a painting contractor! It’s important to have a strong work/life balance […]

Paint with odor-trapping technology

We have another new paint technology to share with you. Ecobond Paint LLC out of Arvada, Colorado has produced a line of paint which purportedly protects against smoke odors and other types of damaging odors. Read the full article here:

The Values that Guide Us: Commitment

You don’t get to be a thriving business for more than 90 years without one thing: commitment. You know… stick-to-itiveness. Perseverance, persistence… going all in! It’s important that everyone at Ralph E. Jones, Inc come to work each day with that attitude. Why is commitment important? For one thing, our customers need someone who is […]

Tough on big things, tough on small things

Check out this awesome article about a new kind of topcoat which is not only durable for outdoor use, but is comprised of anti-microbial particles for use in hospitals, etc. View article here:

The Values that Guide Us: Teamwork

No one is an island. We all need the support of others… not just to help navigate the ebs and flows of life, but to produce the best product or service our company has to offer. It is said that a rope with three cords is not easily broken, and that’s especially true when it […]

Announcing IFMA’s 2018 Scholarship Golf Tournament

Ralph E. Jones is proud to sponsor IFMA’s 2018 Scholarship Golf Tournament which will be held on August 6th at the Country Club of Harrisburg. In preparation for the event, IFMA is asking for help from members and suppliers to consider participating in, sponsoring, or donating to this fun, annual event. Proceeds go towards the […]