IFMA Central PA May program: Pre-incident Planning for Facility Hazards

No one comes up with an incident plan thinking they will never use it. They come up with it because they probably will! Come hear Greg Jakubowski, Blazemark’s Chief Fire Protection Engineer and international speaker, on Wednesday, May 16th about how to prepare a pre-incident plan for facility hazards: “Businesses, no matter what product or […]

Petri Dish Paint? The Search for Coating Solutions in Microbiology

We’ve posted before about researchers developing paint and other coating solutions from interesting ingredients. For example, paint products created from foods like milk and potatoes, or coatings developed for specific purposes like reducing the heat in large cities. Here’s yet another example of the advancements in the industry: paint grown from specialized bacteria. Color in […]

Restoring luster to the Eiffel tower

We bet you didn’t know that the Eiffel tower was once painted red! Actually, it was painted at various times throughout history. Today, the French government wants to restore some of the Tower’s brilliance and rich history by giving it another coat of red paint. The fresh paint job will also help to conserve the […]