IFMA to host its 6th Annual “PA Day on the Hill”

On March 21st, IFMA will hold their 6th their “PA Day on the Hill” event. This annual gathering features guest speakers ranging from Representatives to Senators to members of the Department of General Services. Speakers plan to discuss Commonwealth energy and utility consumption, and developing training programs for facility managers. Please RSVP to IFMA by […]

Painters make USA Today’s list of “25 Most Dangerous Jobs”

In a poll conducted among American workers, construction/maintenance painters ranked in at #24 for America’s most dangerous occupation. The majority of deaths listed in addition to non-fatal injuries were due to falls. On an optimistic note, the source article notes that the number of workforce deaths have decreased dramatically since 1971 from 14,000 to around […]

Fries no more: Paint coating developed using potatoes as key ingredient

Chemists are coming up with increasingly unique compounds to base their paint formulas off of. This entry is no exception. Paint coating made from potato starch is currently being developed by specialists from the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA. “With starch as the main component of a water-based dispersion, we now have […]

Valuable hotel artwork accidentally painted over

Well-meaning maintenance workers mistakenly applied two coats of paint over a multi-million dollar sketch. The artistic rendering of a rat by international street artist Bansky was displayed on the outer wall of the hotel in Jamaica. “They thought a rogue visitor had debased the walls, and promptly painted over the ones on the outside of […]

IFMA Central PA February program: “History and the FM”

Join IFMA on February 21st, 2018 at 11:30am for a glance back into the past and how the US Army Heritage and Education Center has provided valuable materials to strategic leadership. View the IFMA event page for more information and to register: