Clear the Way! Road Crew Neglects Important Practice

We’ve seen some lazy paint jobs in our 90+ years in the painting industry, but this one’s a doozy. A road crew didn’t bother removing roadkill out of the way before painting new double stripes on a stretch of pavement in North Tulsa, Oklahoma. Talk about the need for quality control! To read the full […]

IFMA Central PA Chapter: Who we are

You may notice that we post about activities going on with Central PA’s IFMA chapter. That’s because we are excited to share these valuable resources with you. IFMA stands for the International Facility Management Association. Their mission of Central PA’s IFMA chapter is to: “provide quality-learning experiences, excellent networking opportunities, and serve our membership to […]

Ever heard of Graphene?

In case you haven’t, graphene is a material made up of a 2D layer of carbon atoms which makes it extremely thin and highly conductive. It is also very strong and light for its thickness. Testing is now underway at HMG Paints Ltd in Manchester, England to see how this new material can work with […]