Lessons from Disney: Going the extra mile

You’ve hear the stories. Perhaps you’ve even experienced it yourself when visiting a Disney park: guests are treated remarkably well during every stage of their trip. This kind of customer service is manifested in little ways (stepping up to help guests with directions, even if they didn’t ask), and in big ways (providing training for […]

Lessons from Disney: Keeping up appearances

When visiting a Disney theme park, it’s always fun to interact with the various characters; Cinderella, Goofy, Belle, Donald Duck, and Mickey Mouse always make people smile. This can only happen if the folks behind the costume stay in character the whole time. To break character is to break the magic of the Disney experience: […]

Lessons from Disney: Keeping things clean

If you’ve ever been to a Disney theme park, you’ll notice one thing that sets them apart from every other amusement park: the lack of trash on the ground. You will never see any trash that’s not in a garbage can at a Disney park–it is crucial that any rubbish is cleared away immediately. The […]