Happy Thanksgiving!

When we celebrate Thanksgiving, traditions tell us that we are recognizing one of the earliest examples of diverse people coming together in harmony. Like 17th century Pilgrims and Native Indians in Plymouth or Apples and Oranges in a cornucopia, working together produces fruitful results. As a Minority Business Enterprise, Ralph E Jones celebrates diversity every […]

New technology makes even dark roofs stay cool

Opportunities to be environmentally considerate are everywhere, even in places you may not expect. As technology progresses, painting professionals are finding new ways to conserve energy–not only with the materials they use, but in their application. Below is an article about how new roof coatings can help keep buildings cool and save on energy: http://www.durabilityanddesign.com/news/?fuseaction=view&id=15547#.WEcgIOCdsdo.link […]

IFMA Holiday Gathering in Harrisburg on Wed, Dec 14th

Please check the ifmacentralpa.org website for location and times. Program: Please note that all attendees must RSVP to complete the necessary lunch and room arrangements. Please help us make the presentation materials, seats, and food preparations adequate by giving us advance notice of your intention to attend. Failing to RSVP could restrict our lunch availability […]

Beware: Some broker painters are cheating!

It is not always easy to be certain that people who you do business with share your values. Low bidders often come and go pretty quickly. But the pain of working with an unscrupulous subcontractor can last a very long time. Here is an article about a contractor that misclassified work and allegedly cheated employees […]